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//Connect allows you to enable, pause, and disable products individually. Our dashboard gives you full control, and because //Connect unifies our product delivery, you always know exactly what you’re doing.

Sovrn Always Improving

Always Improving

We’re constantly building new products to help our publishers, and more are on their way. Once you’ve installed //Connect, you’ll be able to instantly enable future products whenever you like, with no additional code, complexity, or concerns.

Customized Control

Easily enable or disable individual products whenever you like.


No excess code to add. No latency to worry about. No risk.

Simple Implementation

Access powerful products without engineering headaches.

//Connect simplifies a complex world, and helps real humans focus on doing what they love.

We bring storytellers together with the technology that helps them reach more people, chase their passions, and turn their dreams into a living.

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//Connect unifies your advertising products and simplifies your life. Spend more time focused on your business, and less time dealing with headaches.

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