Every Sovrn publisher has access to our CMP.


Easy to install. No engineering required.


Manage vendor consent. Bring back EU traffic. Stay GDPR compliant.

Globally prepared.

Increase revenue. Future-proof your business.

GDPR requires your EU users to opt in to data processing. Our CMP helps you obtain consent from your EU users, aids with GDPR compliance, and prepares your business for future privacy laws across the globe.

Reclaim lost revenue from blocked or untargeted traffic. Encourage audience loyalty. Earn more money.

Inventory with a consent
string is more valuable

Because consent-based inventory is so desirable, it could boost your yield by 91%. A consent string means more readers and more revenue for you, with fewer legal concerns.

One Step Ahead

Privacy initiatives similar to GDPR are gathering speed across the globe, and California’s CCPA is just one example. Take the step to prepare your business now, and avoid scrambling later. Read this article by Andy Evans, Sovrn CMO →

Built on the IAB

Our CMP is built on the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework. It follows established guidelines to help with compliance, and it won’t require any adjustments on your end.


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