Unblock 20% more revenue.

Preserve reader experience.

Many of your readers use ad blockers. But many of those same readers have opted-in to see Acceptable Ads through a setting built into the most popular ad blockers. //Unblock, our official Acceptable Ads integration, lets you show them ads without disrupting their experience.


Readers who can’t be monetized due to ad blockers


Readers who use an Acceptable Ads-enabled ad blocker


Readers who opt-in to Acceptable Ads


Easy implementation

//Unblock targets your existing ad units, so you preserve your ad layout. There are no additional frames, and no strange placements that disrupt your content.

It’s delivered through //Connect, so there’s no need for new header code. You’ll never have to worry about engineering or latency.


Why Acceptable Ads?

The Acceptable Ads initiative gives your readers the choice to view ads which meet strict criteria. It’s a win-win solution for readers and creators alike.
Learn more about Acceptable Ads.


Start reclaiming your revenue today

Let us set it up for you. In a few days, you’ll see the results. It just works.

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You’re not “getting around” ad blockers. You’re monetizing readers who have opted in to the program.


Managed demand

//Unblock uses our high-performance Managed Demand offering. Just sign up and start earning.


No hidden cost

There’s no additional fee to use
//Unblock. It’s all run through the
same revenue share you’re used to.

Easy Delivery


Access multiple products with a single line of JavaScript. It’s easy to install, and it’s easy to update. //Connect minimizes latency, coding headaches, and the engineering resources that stand between you and success.

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