90-Day Signal Performance Study


We tracked 2 billion impressions over 90 days to understand exactly how implementing Signal affects your ad performance. Here’s what we found:

Revenue Increase

Signal generated an average revenue increase of 10–15%.

  • On average, Signal CPM was 60% higher than initial auction CPM.
  • Signal CPMs increased over 90 days as demand algorithms adjust.
  • As a result, it takes 90 days to fully realize Signal revenue increases. 
  • This represents a minimum ROI of 5x.

Supply Increase

Signal increased ad supply by 15-20%.

  • This increase in supply created more opportunities for ad auctions, and therefore more additive revenue.
  • As a result of increased supply and increased CPMs, Signal inventory also exhibited 38% higher yield than initial impression inventory.

Ad Viewability Increase

Implementing Signal resulted in a 5-10% increase in sitewide viewability.

  • Signal ads are 1.53x more viewable on average than standard ads.


Sovrn tracked 2 billion impressions across Signal publishers over the course of 120 days: 30 days prior to implementing Signal, followed by 90 days thereafter.

We then compared CPM, ad viewability, ad impressions, and ad yield between both standard (non-Signal) and Signal inventory.

Finally, we analyzed the total revenue publishers generated both prior to and after implementation of Signal reload technology.

All data was gathered from Google Ad Manager.


Over the course of 90 days, we recorded an average revenue increase of 10–15%. We also observed significant improvements to overall viewability, accompanied by increased supply and increased yield.

Post-implementation, demand algorithms must adjust to the improved viewability scores. After 90 days, publishers realize the full benefits of implementation.

Signal creates:

Signal inventory is:


more supply


more revenue


more viewable


higher yield

Based on the “cost” of implementing Signal (calculated as the percentage of additional earnings generated by the publisher that are then paid to Sovrn), this represents a minimum ROI of 5x for a publisher’s investment in the technology.

Scores are verified by MRC-accredited tools, including MOAT and IAS.

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