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Discover deeper audience insights and greater earnings with Sovrn Signal.

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Addressability at Scale

Together, Sovrn Signal and ID5 demonstrate that publishers can unlock a near two times greater lift in eCPMs on a third of their US audiences.

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Segments Press Release

Sovrn Signal demonstrated a doubling of publisher deal revenue and that its on-page technology delivered two times greater accuracy and scale.

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Kyle Ivins, Co-Founder/CRO at Monumetric says:

“Sovrn’s Signal product provided us with a rich feed of 2nd party data tied to our 1st party ID, which has made nearly 25% of our publisher’s visitors addressable with a hashed email. This has improved our ability to scale our partnership with ID5 and other identity partners. 

Signal gives us improved visibility data and more transparency with our buyers which has proven to give our publishers significant performance gains (over 2x CPM) for almost a quarter of our traffic. Partners like Sovrn who can deliver legitimate identity solutions are critical to a publisher’s ability to future-proof their revenue for a post-cookie ecosystem.”

Study: 90-Day Signal Performance

To demonstrate exactly how Signal affects ad performance, we tracked 2 billion impressions over 90 days.

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