#asksovrn: What’s the Difference between CPM and RPM?

#asksovrn, Analytics & Performance, Desktop/Mobile Ads

In this episode of #asksovrn we answer “What’s the Difference Between CPM and RPM?” Ashley and Maggie, two sovrn Publisher Advocates, […]

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#asksovrn: What’s the difference between CPM for ATF vs BTF ads?

Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads, #asksovrn, Analytics & Performance

#QOTD – How many above vs. below the fold zones do you have? What’s the difference between CPM ATF & […]

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#asksovrn: How Many Ads Should I Have On My Site?

#asksovrn, Analytics & Performance, Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

#QOTD – How many ads should I have on my site? In this #asksovrn, Maggie and Ashley, two of our veteran […]

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How To Set Price Floors To Make The Most Money With Display Advertising

Desktop/Mobile Ads, Ad Stack Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Analytics & Performance, Meridian Support

When it comes to CPM floor prices, sovrn publishers are welcome to set floors at any rate at which they […]

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