The Chrome Ad Block Update Drops 15th February 2018

Desktop/Mobile Ads, Ad Quality, Ad Stack Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Viewability

Starting on February 15th, the hammer is coming down. Google’s effort to stop the most egregious ad-experiences from driving more […]

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What’s the Difference Between RTB, PMPs and Programmatic Direct?

Desktop/Mobile Ads, Monetization Strategies, #asksovrn

As we all know, programmatic advertising can make your head spin. So we wanted to break down the difference between […]

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#asksovrn: How Can I Use Sovrn and AdSense Together?

#asksovrn, Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

As we’ve stated before, sovrn and AdSense make a killer combination. The best way to use them together is to […]

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How to Install Mobile Ads on WordPress Sites

Desktop/Mobile Ads

Ever wondered how to install mobile ads on WordPress? Look no further. Here’s how to start making money from mobile […]

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How to Pass Back from Sovrn to AdSense, and Why Using Both Makes You More Money

Ad Stack Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

One question we often hear from publishers is, “How can I use Sovrn while still using AdSense?” Our answer? Have […]

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#asksovrn: How to Jumpstart Mobile Video Ads

Desktop/Mobile Ads, #asksovrn, Video, Monetization Strategies

Watch this video to jumpstart your ads with 5 tactics to start and monetize mobile video ads.

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#asksovrn: What’s the Difference between CPM and RPM?

Desktop/Mobile Ads, Analytics & Performance, #asksovrn

In this episode of #asksovrn we answer “What’s the Difference Between CPM and RPM?” Ashley and Maggie, two Sovrn Publisher Advocates, […]

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How to Select Display Ad Sizes For Your Site Layout

Get Started Series, Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

Choosing ad units that fit into your already existing site layout is a key component of a successful monetization strategy. […]

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How to Adjust Price Floors to Maximize Yield

Monetization Strategies, Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

Find out the definition of price floors, why they are important and how to find your revenue sweet spot by adjusting your price floors.

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#asksovrn: What Mobile Ad Sizes Do Best?

Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

In this episode, we answer “What mobile ad sizes do best?” #QOTD – What mobile ad sizes are successful for you? Ashley […]

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How To Add your Sovrn Ad Tags in 8 Quick Steps

Meridian Support, Get Started Series, Desktop/Mobile Ads

Welcome to the Sovrn network of independent and influential publishers! Now it’s time to get set up so that you […]

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Infographic: 5 Display Advertising Mistakes That Hurt Your UX

Content Strategies, Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

One of the biggest hesitations publishers have about display advertising is that they don’t want it to detract from the […]

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#asksovrn: What’s the difference between CPM for ATF vs BTF ads?

Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads, #asksovrn, Analytics & Performance

#QOTD – How many above vs. below the fold zones do you have? What’s the difference between CPM ATF & […]

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#asksovrn: How Many Ads Should I Have On My Site?

Ad Stack Strategies, #asksovrn, Analytics & Performance, Desktop/Mobile Ads

#QOTD – How many ads should I have on my site? In this #asksovrn, Maggie and Ashley, two of our veteran […]

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How To Set Price Floors To Make The Most Money With Display Advertising

Meridian Support, Analytics & Performance, Monetization Strategies, Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

When it comes to CPM floor prices, Sovrn publishers are welcome to set floors at any rate at which they […]

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