AMA – Support Engineering Live Panel

#asksovrn, Guides

On February 21st, 2018, we hosted an AMA with Sovrn’s Support Engineering team. We received many questions around Ads.txt, header […]

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Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Changes in 2018 for Website Publishers


In 2017, Google announced the plan to distrust the SSL/TLS certificates of Symantec and its subsidiary Certificate Authorities (CA’s), including […]

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GDPR – What you Need to Know and Next Steps


With just weeks to go until GDPR legislation comes into place on 25th May 2018, companies need to start putting […]

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Ads.txt FAQ: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

Guides, Ad Quality, Ad Stack Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Analytics & Performance

Updated December 20, 2017 What is ads.txt? Ads.txt is an initiative from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab (IAB) to promote […]

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How to Install Third-Party Video Ad Tags in DFP: A Step-by-Step Guide

DFP Series, Guides

Installing third-party video ad tags in DFP may seem difficult, but it’s actually a fairly simple procedure. Here are step-by-step […]

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The Guide to Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP & Apple News

Content Strategies, Guides

What they are, how they are shaking up online publishing and mobile content discovery, and how to use them to […]

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Sovrn Ad Sizes Guide

Guides, Get Started Series

Learn all the programmatic ad sizes to monetize your websites content on the Sovrn network.

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The Definitive Guide to Header Bidding

Case Studies, Guides, Meridian Support, Get Started Series, Monetization Strategies

Header bidding is revolutionizing the digital advertising world, and for good reason – it works. Not only does header bidding […]

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Whitepaper: Leveling the playing field – How Sovrn is helping independent publishers take advantage of Big Data

Guides, Monetization Strategies

A deep-dive into Big Data from the publisher’s perspective. sovrn firmly believes publishers should have the same tools in their […]

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8 Steps to Installing Ad Tags in DFP

DFP Series, Guides

If an advertiser or ad network sends you a piece of creative code (also known as an ad tag) that […]

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