Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms

Meridian Support, Get Started Series

There’s lots of lingo in digital advertising. Here we shed light on the terms so you can understand what the […]

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The Definitive Guide to Header Bidding

Meridian Support, Get Started Series, Monetization Strategies, Case Studies, Guides

Header bidding is revolutionizing the digital advertising world, and for good reason – it works. Not only does header bidding […]

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Troubleshooting FAQ’s: Setting up Video Ad Tags on Meridian

Meridian Support, Video

Got a question about setting up your video advertisements? Check out these frequently asked questions by our Publishers. If you can’t find your answer, contact Sovrn Support or contact your Publisher Advocate.

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Top 5 Support Sovrn FAQ’s

Meridian Support

We talk to a lot of publishers. Here are the Top 5 Support Sovrn FAQ’s. We’re excited you’ve joined our […]

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How To Add your Sovrn Ad Tags in 8 Quick Steps

Meridian Support, Get Started Series, Desktop/Mobile Ads

Welcome to the Sovrn network of independent and influential publishers! Now it’s time to get set up so that you […]

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How To Set Price Floors To Make The Most Money With Display Advertising

Ad Stack Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Analytics & Performance, Meridian Support, Desktop/Mobile Ads

When it comes to CPM floor prices, Sovrn publishers are welcome to set floors at any rate at which they […]

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