The Chrome Ad Block Update Drops 15th February 2018

Desktop/Mobile Ads, Viewability, Monetization Strategies, Ad Stack Strategies, Ad Quality

Starting on February 15th, the hammer is coming down. Google’s effort to stop the most egregious ad-experiences from driving more […]

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Best Practices for Outstream Video Advertising

Monetization Strategies, Video

Outstream advertising provides video revenue without the need for publisher video content. Advertisers love them because they are in-view ads, […]

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What’s the Difference Between RTB, PMPs and Programmatic Direct?

Desktop/Mobile Ads, Monetization Strategies, #asksovrn

As we all know, programmatic advertising can make your head spin. So we wanted to break down the difference between […]

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#asksovrn: How Can I Use Sovrn and AdSense Together?

#asksovrn, Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

As we’ve stated before, sovrn and AdSense make a killer combination. The best way to use them together is to […]

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How to Pass Back from Sovrn to AdSense, and Why Using Both Makes You More Money

Ad Stack Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

One question we often hear from publishers is, “How can I use Sovrn while still using AdSense?” Our answer? Have […]

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The Definitive Guide to Header Bidding

Guides, Meridian Support, Get Started Series, Monetization Strategies, Case Studies

Header bidding is revolutionizing the digital advertising world, and for good reason – it works. Not only does header bidding […]

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Webinar: 5X Growth w/ Paid Social Media

Webinars, Social Media, Monetization Strategies

Learn how to set up, optimize and analyze paid social media strategies to build traffic, visibility and revenue in facebook and instagram.

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Webinar Recording: Going Deep With Header Bidding

Webinars, Monetization Strategies, Header Bidding

This webinar was organized for publishers who want a more advanced dive into header bidding workflows, technology, integration and optimization. […]

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#asksovrn: How to Jumpstart Mobile Video Ads

Desktop/Mobile Ads, #asksovrn, Video, Monetization Strategies

Watch this video to jumpstart your ads with 5 tactics to start and monetize mobile video ads.

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#asksovrn: How Header Bidding Works

Header Bidding, Monetization Strategies, #asksovrn

Learn how Header Bidding or Auction in the Header is different than a traditional waterfall strategy, how it works and how it can make your more money.

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Download: The 2016 Digital Advertising Trendspotting Guide

Monetization Strategies

2016 is here and digital advertising is changing faster than ever. New technologies such as header bidding have revolutionized the […]

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#asksovrn: How to Maximize CPMs this Holiday Season

Monetization Strategies

For this episode we were asked, “How can I maximize CPMs over the holidays?” So we asked our data scientists […]

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How to Select Display Ad Sizes For Your Site Layout

Get Started Series, Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

Choosing ad units that fit into your already existing site layout is a key component of a successful monetization strategy. […]

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How to Adjust Price Floors to Maximize Yield

Monetization Strategies, Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

Find out the definition of price floors, why they are important and how to find your revenue sweet spot by adjusting your price floors.

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#asksovrn: What Mobile Ad Sizes Do Best?

Monetization Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

In this episode, we answer “What mobile ad sizes do best?” #QOTD – What mobile ad sizes are successful for you? Ashley […]

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Whitepaper: Leveling the playing field – How Sovrn is helping independent publishers take advantage of Big Data

Guides, Monetization Strategies

A deep-dive into Big Data from the publisher’s perspective. sovrn firmly believes publishers should have the same tools in their […]

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Webinar Recording: How to Build Your Site’s Influence and Make Money

Webinars, Monetization Strategies

Learn how to make money blogging through sponsored content and digital advertising. Through each section of this webinar, you will gain actionable datapoints to help you with your content and revenue strategies.

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Infographic: Customer Journey Mapping Across Devices

Monetization Strategies

When marketers first began talking about customer journey mapping, they used a funnel as a model to discuss how customers […]

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How To Set Price Floors To Make The Most Money With Display Advertising

Meridian Support, Analytics & Performance, Monetization Strategies, Ad Stack Strategies, Desktop/Mobile Ads

When it comes to CPM floor prices, Sovrn publishers are welcome to set floors at any rate at which they […]

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