//Connect Implementation Guide

Last Updated February 4, 2019

Sovrn //Connect is a single container solution that deploys other ad units on your site. It ensures that the contents load safely and asynchronously, and is incredibly easy to implement. It’s not just another line of JavaScript. Instead, it’s your entire ad stack. Make as many changes to your ads as you need, and that single line of JavaScript will contain all of your edits and updates, making managing your ad stack much easier.

Ready to implement //Connect on your site?

Your first step is to contact Publisher Support and inquire about implementing //Connect. Then, they’ll help you create your Sovrn ads for your site(s). When ready, they will supply you with a single line of the code (a JavaScript call) that should be added to all pages where you would like to apply Sovrn //Connect.

You can implement your //Connect Code in one of three ways:

1. Hardcoding to all relevant pages by inserting the tag after the section of the page, ideally in the header.

2. Trafficked to all relevant pages via a tag manager, meaning the JavaScript is uploaded as an HTML script to a tag manager.

3. Trafficked as a creative via a vacant ad server ad slot (e.g. 1×1 or Out Of Page (OOP) slot)

If you plan to apply geo or device targeting then this will need to be managed on your side, either via your tag manager or by utilizing your ad server’s targeting capabilities as you would for any other line item.

Once delivered to the page, our tag will locate your existing standard IAB ad placements and after 30 continuous seconds of these placements being in view and the user being active and engaged with the page, we will clear the existing placements and replace with Sovrn demand.

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