Enabling Ad Manager API Access for //Signal

Last Updated September 30, 2019

If you don’t want the //Signal reload to be applied to certain items, we can apply exclusions based on Line Item Type, Order ID, or placement. In order to detect if these items are present on the page and withhold the reload, we require API access to your Ad Manager account.

The information in this article details how to set this up.

1) In your Google Ad Manager account, create a new role under Admin > Access and Authorization > Roles.

Name the role ‘API Access User’ for example and apply the following permissions: View creatives; View all orders and line items; View my orders and line items. (if the ‘Teams’ feature is enabled, apply ‘view my orders and line items’ and ‘view creatives’)


2) Next, under Admin > Global Settings > Network Settings, click Add A Service Account User.


3) Name ‘sovrn-reload’ for example, and use the following email address: service@onscroll-dfp-gateway.iam.gserviceaccount.com.

Add the role created in the first step and Save. (if ‘Teams’ are enabled, ensure this new user has permission to view ‘All entities’)

API - add a service account user

Don’t forget to reach out to Sovrn Support if you encounter any issues.

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