Header Complete FAQ

Last Updated January 10, 2019

Header Complete product is a wrapper that utilizes the open source prebid.js, and makes it easy for publishers of all types to manage header bidding. We’ve compiled the top questions and answers about this product to help you understand what it is, and what it can do for publishers.

What is Header Complete?

Header Complete is the Sovrn Header Bidding wrapper built on the open-source Prebid library. It comes with built-in connections to the top demand partners included in Prebid. With this latest release, publishers can configure their Header Complete wrapper inside of their Sovrn Meridian dashboard without the need for changing code on your actual site. The only code that you have to put on your page is one simple line of javascript.

In line with the standard line item creation process, your final step will be adding the script tag for the creative associated to the header bidding line items in DFP. In addition to this, you will also be able to download a bid landscape report in .csv format from the Meridian system that will show each bidder partner’s performance in one report.                                      

What kind of resources will I need in order to implement Header Complete?

The configuration of the Header Complete scripts is an ad operations task, requiring whoever is doing it to have the technical skillset as well as understanding of your ad stack. That means you must have access to all of the partner bidder systems you’d like to include in the Header Complete auction, as well as the knowledge of the details regarding your ad units, your ad inventory, and your ad server (DFP). Of course, Sovrn support engineers can provide assistance as needed.

Will Header Complete require any development resources?

No, the configuration of Header Complete can be implemented by ad ops personnel without the need to request development resources. Pasting the Header Complete script tag into the head of your website can be accomplished by whoever has access to the hosted web server files or Content Management Platform (CMS).

If you require other bidders that are not included in the initial release of Header Complete or you require some other customizations not configurable within the as-is functionality of Header Complete, you can contact Sovrn Publisher Support to request assistance from a Sovrn Support Engineer.                     

Is there a fee for using Header Complete?

No. Header Complete is available to all publishers wanting to work with Sovrn free of charge. Of course, Header Complete is not for every publisher. Click here to see if your site is ready for header bidding.

Where do I go to configure my Header Complete scripts?

You will sign into your Publisher account in Meridian to configure your Header Complete scripts. You can also manage your other Sovrn ad products/tags as well as view or download performance data.                                        

How will I be able to see performance data for the Header Complete auction?

You can download a bid landscape report for your Header Complete auction showing all of the bidder partners and their performance in one report. 

How long does Header Complete take to set up?

Header Complete configuration will depend on the following:

  • Amount of ad units you will use in the header auction
  • Number of partners
  • Your comfort level with ad operations tasks like ad unit inventory configuration
  • Any type of further customization                        

If all of the above fall under a basic implementation of as-is Header Complete, then you can probably configure your Header Complete script within a day’s time. Larger sites or more customized configurations may take longer.   

Will Header Complete cause any additional page latency?

Header Complete is a high performing header bidding wrapper, with average bid response times ranging from the 300 – 400 ms range, depending on the specific partners used. As an industry best practice, Header Complete is architected to have a single response threshold of no more than 700 ms that all bidder partners configured in the Header Complete script. The single response threshold can be adjusted by the publisher.

What if I get stuck and need help?

Sovrn has a robust in-house support engineering team that is capable of assisting at any step of the way.

Where can I get more info?

Do you have more questions about Header Complete? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Publisher Support team for assistance! Please email publishersupport@sovrn.com for further information and details on Header Complete.

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