Header Complete Product Overview

Last Updated January 10, 2019

As more and more publishers adopted Header bidding, we started asking for feedback. We took a good hard look at some of the challenges publishers face associated with this new technology.  

We came to the conclusion that there was too much coding involved with implementing, updating, and maintaining the header bidding code. We quickly recognized room for improvement.

This led to the creation of Header Complete.

Header Complete simplifies Header Bidding

In other words, Header Complete is a Header Bidding wrapper, managed through a user interface within Meridian, that effectively eliminates the hassle of adding and removing header bidding code. Built-in features with server-side script configuration give you full control over your demand sources. This makes it easy to add or remove partners, to control your adstack, and it unlocks more valuable data. 

Sovrn Publishers that want to implement Header Complete can follow the instructions below to get started.

Next Steps for Header Complete:
  1. Identify which partners you want to include in your header auction
  2. Get your DFP Line items set up with the assistance of Sovrn Services
  3. Configure your Header Complete Scripts in the Sovrn Meridian System
  4. Cut and paste a simple line of script tag to your website
  5. Our support and services team is at the ready for any questions or assistance you may need!

Whether you’re looking to implement header bidding or header complete, it’s important to understand that this advanced tech is not suited for everyone. The implementation process can be complex and each publisher’s setup is a little different than the next.

So, how do you know if header bidding is the right monetization strategy for your website? Read more about the factors you should take into account.

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