How to Install Sovrn //Commerce on a Website

Last Updated December 27, 2019
How to Install

Installation instructions can be found at The Javascript needs to be placed on the site template directly in front of the </body> tag. It needs to appear exactly once; multiple instances of the Javascript will prevent it from working.

Once you install the Sovrn //Commerce JavaScript code on your site, you may see page views start to track on your Dashboard. This indicates a successful installation.

However, please note that all accounts are first put through an approval process to ensure that our publishers meet our and our merchants’ terms of service. Affiliated clicks and revenue will not start tracking in your dashboard until your campaign is approved. The approval process usually takes from a few days to a week depending on the number of queued new accounts. We appreciate your patience!

Platform-Specific Implementations

For Blogs:

(Note: When installing on WordPress, either use the plugin or manual injection. Do not use both, as this can break the Javascript.)

For Forums: 

Unsupported Platforms

Our Javascript is not compatible with Tumblr or Wix. For these platforms, you will need to use our Anywhere links.

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