How to Apply Exclusions to //Signal

Last Updated February 28, 2019

With //Signal, you can exclude or include certain parameters to further optimize your ad stack.

There are two types of exclusions you can apply with the //Signal reload.

1. Exclude what is reloaded

Via the Ad Manager API, we are able to detect which Line Item Type, Order ID, or Placement ID has served. We can therefore apply exclusions to what is reloaded based on these fields. This can be done in //Meridian or by reaching out to

For example, if you would not like Sponsorship demand to be reloaded, you can apply the exclusion in the UI as seen in the screenshots below:

2. Exclude what demand is involved in the auction for the new impression after reload

If you would like to exclude certain demand from serving with new impression after the reload has happened, you can add a key-value (‘sovrn-reload’ ‘is not true’) to the Line Item settings within Ad Manager.

Don’t forget that you can reach out to our support team for help getting your key values setup properly. Click here to reach out to Sovrn Publisher Support.

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