How to Set Up Sovrn Unblock

Last Updated December 1, 2020

//Unblock allows Sovrn publishers to recapture advertising revenue from ad blocking visitors by serving curated advertisements. It’s our official Acceptable Ads implementation, and we think it’s the best, most respectful way for publishers to mitigate the revenue loss caused by ad blockers.

We’re happy to say that the entire Sovrn network has been whitelisted by the Acceptable Ads initiative, which means you’ll be able to unlock revenue from any reader who has opted into the program through their ad blocker.

The steps to implement //Unblock are primarily handled by our internal team. If you’re already a //Connect user, there’s no need for additional header code—we’ll do all the work for you. That said, here’s what you’ll need to do to get started: 

  1. Get in touch with our Publisher Team to request //Unblock implementation 
  2. Update your ads.txt with the new lines that our team provides to you.
  3. Sit back and relax. Our Engineering team will do the work in the background for you. Please allow up to 3 business days for us to set up demand partners and reporting.
  4. Place the //Connect code on your page (here’s how). We recommend that you start with a live test page to ensure things run smoothly. At that point you’ll be able to make any necessary performance adjustments—and remember, you can reach out to our Support team for help at any time.

That’s it! You’ll begin benefitting from unblocked revenue as soon as you’re live.

We’re currently improving this process with a select few publishers, and will be sure to make an announcement when this product is globally supported. If you run into an issue while implementing //Unblock, please get in touch with a Sovrn representative so we can improve.

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