How to Use the Sovrn //Commerce Google Chrome Extension

Last Updated December 11, 2019

The Sovrn //Commerce Chrome Extension is a tool that helps content creators earn money by promoting retail products from over 70,000 retailers.

As a Sovrn //Commerce publisher, you can install the Chrome extension to quickly and easily turn any product page you visit into a shareable affiliate link that earns you money. These links can be used in blog posts, on social media sites, and online communities.

When readers click on the affiliated product link you earn income. The extension helps you discover the highest paying retailer for a particular product, and even provides coupons when available.

Download your extension here.

How to use the Sovrn //Commerce Chrome Extension

1) Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to enter your Secret Key:


2) You can find your secret key from your Dashboard by clicking here, or by logging into your account, then clicking on the dropdown menu on the top right and select “Sites.”


3) Next to your “site” name, will be a few icons. Select the icon that resembles a key.


4) Copy your secret key and paste it into your Sovrn //Commerce extension (& make sure that your Secret Key remains a secret!)


5) In the extension, select the site you’ll be using and press Start!


Then you’re all set! 

Don’t forget to reach out to Sovrn Publisher Support if you have any questions.

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