New Publisher Onboarding Guide

Last Updated May 26, 2020

Sovrn provides advertising tools, technologies, and services to tens of thousands of content creators helping them make money, grow their business, and access a massive data commons which provides extraordinary insights.

Below is a list of links to products and services we offer as well as some other helpful links:

  • //Commerce: Turn your product links into monetization links
  • Instant Pay: When other vendors owe you ad revenue we buy those invoices and pay you immediately
  • //Signal: Our reload technology that creates new inventory from existing ad units
  • Sovrn Services: Get on-demand ad ops expertise, consulting, strategy, and training that will boost your revenue and give you more flexibility to grow your business:
  • Sovrn Advertising: In addition to these products we offer solutions for header bidding, server-to-server-bidding, Google Ad Manager(GAM), Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), Prebid, Waterfall and more!
Useful Links / FAQ’s
  • Meridian
    • Performance
      • //Meridian is our custom dashboard that allows you to create tags and track performance. Click here to learn more!
    • Getting Started
      • I want to create a new Meridian account and submit a site to the Sovrn exchange, how do I do this?
  • Site Approval
    • Submit a site
      • Make sure to select ‘Site Approval’ from the Request Type drop down
    • Site Approval Requirements
      • These must be fulfilled to be able to use certain sovrn products that use our own unique demand.
  • Ad Tags
    • Create Ad Tags
      • Click above to start creating tags and earning revenue!
    • Ads Not Appearing
      • There are a variety of reasons this could be occurring, take a look at the link above to find more info.
  • Payment
    • Setting Up Payment
      • Click here to set up your payment info and start getting paid!
    • Payment Terms
      • Once you hit the $25 threshold at the end of the month the amount will post to your account and you will receive payment the following month. Click above to learn more!
  • Ad Quality
    • Reporting Bad Ads
      • We work hard to try and make sure this happens. Unfortunately occasionally some bad ads can slip through the cracks. Click above to learn how you can help us identify them and get them removed from our demand.
    • Blocking Ads by Category
      • Don’t want certain types of ads appearing on your site? No problem! Click the link above to find out how!
Support Related Articles for Sovrn Products
    • //Signal?
      • //Signal is our reload technology that helps serve additional ads as long as the viewer stays engaged with your page. It’s a great way to serve additional ads and create more revenue! Click above to learn more
    • //Signal Licensing
      • Using a third party’s demand, but want to use our //Signal technology to increase revenue? No problem! Click above to find out how!
    • Sovrn Services
      • All this AdTech stuff is really confusing, can I just pay someone to do this for me so I can focus on creating content? Absolutely! Click above to find out more!
    • Support Articles
      • Above is a link to our Support Articles. Here you will find a ton of information about Sovrn and AdTech. It is a great place to learn and further your knowledge about Programmatic Advertising.

If you didn’t find the article you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to the Sovrn Publisher Support team. We’d love to help!

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