Serving Prebid into SafeFrames

Last Updated September 9, 2020

The SafeFrame 1.0 spec came into existence in 2014, as a way for publishers to serve interactive ads that were both full-featured, and also protective of the user’s sensitive information. The SafeFrame spec can prevent common issues among malicious creatives that degrade the user’s experiences and offer support for viewability, which is an increasingly prevalent metric within AdTech.

Despite the many benefits of SafeFrames, there have been difficulties in making them compatible with traditional ad tags that 3rd party vendors (such as Sovrn) provide. In fact, we recommend that publishers do not serve our display (or “waterfall”) tags through SafeFrames.

With Safeframe 2.0 becoming publicly available for comment, we want to make sure that publishers know that Prebid does support SafeFrame 2.0 as long as the universal creative is included. Sovrn does support this, and many of our publishers are able to successfully use SafeFrames with Prebid.

You can find the Universal Creative code below:

If you get stuck, please remember that the Publisher Advancement team is here to help! Contact us with your questions by clicking here.

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