Sovrn Website Approval Requirements

Last Updated January 10, 2019

Sovrn strives to provide buyers and sellers with a safe, transparent, and fair marketplace. That’s why our site approval requirements are stricter than most exchanges.

The following outlines the basic standards Sovrn employs to vet publishers wishing to participate on the Sovrn ad exchange. This does not constitute a full list and is meant only as a guide for publishers wanting to work with Sovrn.

Sovrn reserves the right to update this list at any time without notice and to refuse or revoke participation of any publisher based on its own judgment.

Content Requirements:

  • Content must be safe for work
  • Content must contain no nudity
  • Content must not depict extreme acts of violence
  • Content must not contain hate speech
  • Content must be original
  • The site cannot promote the use of illegal drugs or substances
  • The site cannot support the acquisition of illegal drugs, firearms or other illegal items
  • Content cannot be entirely image-based
  • Written content must exhibit a level of effort sufficient to engage a reader base
  • Posts must be created frequently
  • Posts must contain a date and time stamp
  • Posts must list an author
  • The sites must have a reasonable history of content
  • The site must display user interaction
  • Slideshows or list content must contain more content than ads
  • The site must be COPPA compliant
  • The site must contain no file-sharing or copyrighted material
  • The site cannot distribute malware
  • The site cannot contain automatic downloads
  • The site must pass all review checks

Ad Requirements:

  • Page cannot contain more ads than content
  • Site cannot contain pop-ups, pop-unders or redirects
  • Site cannot contain expandable ad units
  • Site cannot contain video ads with auto-play audio
  • Site cannot contain inappropriate ads
  • Site can contain no more than 5 ads per page or 3 ads in view on a page
  • Ads must be clearly separated from content and declared as ads when embedded in the content
  • Ads cannot distribute malware
  • Refresh rate cannot exceed 30 seconds
  • Ads cannot enable cryptojacking
  • Site must be compliant in accordance with the Coalition for Better Ads

Ownership Requirements:

  • Publisher must own or have a direct relationship with the domain represented to Sovrn
  • In cases where an ads.txt file is present, the publisher or representative must list the seller ID from Sovrn in the ads.txt file

Traffic Requirements:

  • Audience must arrive at the domain primarily from organic sources
  • Traffic cannot be primarily driven by paid social ads or related content widgets
  • Traffic cannot predominately originate from a maintained list of high risk geographical locations
  • Sites with a predominance of referral traffic cannot source visits from other domains that do not meet the minimum quality guidelines of Sovrn
  • Traffic patterns on site must follow generally organic patterns
  • Traffic distribution by geo, device, browser, operating system must follow generally organic patterns
  • Traffic must meet current minimum quality standards set by Sovrn
  • Traffic meets minimum quality standards as measured by 3rd party traffic vendors

If you have any questions about why your site was not approved, please reach out to to learn more.

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