What is //Signal?

Last Updated July 1, 2019

//Signal is an industry-leading viewability product that increases your advertising revenue. It’s a new standard in online advertising that rewards you for your engaged, passionate audience, and helps you earn more with fewer ads.  

How //Signal Works

//Signal tracks three different use metrics: engagement, ad viewability, and dwell time in order to determine when and how your readers are active. It measures 45 distinct reader actions, including mouse movements and pages scrolls, to determine where your users are engaged.

When it hits a time vs. engagement threshold (generally 20-30 seconds, or as decided by the publisher) it sends a signal that serves new, always viewable advertisements within ad units that are 50%+ viewable. Each time an ad is reloaded, both revenue and viewability scores increase.

//Signal is an unparalleled in the ad tech industry. It is based on a user-engagement metric, and it allows publishers to monetize their site based on user engagement rather than impressions alone.

//Signal Benefits

Publishers using //Signal see an average revenue increase of 5-15%. In addition, //Signal minimizes ad clutter and gives your audience a better ad experience.

Because it only loads viewable ads, it also improves your viewability scores and makes your ad inventory more attractive to buyers.

//Signal can be applied to any type of unit, including headers, footers, and whitespace ads. It’s particularly valuable when applied to sticky ad units.

//Signal Case Studies

Check out these publisher case studies to see exactly what //Signal can do:

//Signal is an industry-leading product: It’s smarter. it’s easier. It’s more robust. It’s more flexible. It has no commercial competitors, and it sets a new standard for online advertising. Ultimately, //Signal moves you forward.

If you’re ready to implement //Signal on your site, reach out to our Support team through the contact page and let us know.

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