Workaround for SafeFrame Reporting

Last Updated February 28, 2019

If you want to serve ads in SafeFrame it can cause issues in reporting. The reason being that the SafeFrame will alter the referring URL to a URL, and will get flagged as invalid and not being whitelisted. Fortunately there is a work around for this issue.

Simply replace the creative code in DFP with the following:

Doing this will allow the creative to serve and accurate reporting. Please see the source from Prebid regarding line item setup, or check out the Github repo for more information.

Second solution: If this code does not work for the publisher we have had a publisher have success as well with this Github repo.

It is much longer code and much of the logic is the same but it is available as a second option should it be needed.

Don’t forget to reach out to Sovrn support for help.

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