Right Time, Right Promotion: Earn More Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate Deals

Maximizing your affiliate revenue can be tricky because it requires promoting the right merchants and deals at just the right time. At Sovrn, we publish gift guides throughout the year so you can find high-level information on featured merchants, rates, and offers to help increase your affiliate earnings. […]

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Take the Complexity out of Ad Ops with Expert Support

5 Benefits of working with a trusted partner

The ultimate goal of ad ops is to drive higher ad revenue for the publisher but doing so requires constant attention, testing, and experimentation. For small and mid-sized publishers, keeping up with the demands of ad ops can be time-consuming as evidenced by the complexity shown in this image of the display advertising ecosystem. […]

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Sovrn Names Dominic Perkins as Managing Director of the UK and EU

Boulder, CO, London, GB (November 8, 2021) Sovrn has named Dominic Perkins as Managing Director of the UK and EU based out of Sovrn’s London office. In his role, Dominic will have responsibilities for all business operations in the UK and Europe. Perkins joins Sovrn with more than 25 years of digital advertising and online […]

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Sovrn Research Shows “Engaged Time” Delivers More than Twice the Attention than Viewable Time

Boulder, CO, London, GB (November 2, 2021) Measuring engagement is shown to drive an increase in attention. New research from publisher technology provider Sovrn shows that “Engaged Time” offers a better way to predict ad performance than the current industry standard. The IAB defines a viewable impression as one where at least 50% of the […]

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The Problem with Ad Viewability: Where’s the Performance?

In the online advertising space, publishers and advertisers alike rely on their ability to measure potential value when pricing and bidding on ad inventory. For years, viewability has been the industry standard for predicting ad performance – but our research shows there may be a better way. Viewability is intended to measure the likelihood that […]

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