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The total package:

  • Monetize your way with your choice of display, mobile, native and video advertising options Earn more >
  • Get paid in 30 days – that’s the fastest in the industry – count on it  Get paid >
  • Add header bidding to your strategy with a right-sized implementation from our white glove Header Suite team  Level up >
  • Improve viewability and engagement on your site with Sovrn //Signal 100% viewable ad units  Learn more >

With none of this stuff:

  • No contracts, ever. If you are disappointed about Sovrn and what we have to offer, you can leave at any time  You won’t be disappointed >
  • No more unanswered questions. Get in touch with a real person from our support team any time you need help  Get help >
  • No more Excel sorcery to get all your partner reporting in one place. Meridian Unified Reporting does all the heavy lifting for you  Learn more >
  • No more lagging performance reports. All numbers in Meridian are updated in real-time, for real Go faster >

For the Storytellers

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What publishers are saying

“From a revenue share of voice, Sovrn is definitely top three in our header bidding stack. With Sovrn, revenue per visit increased by 5% on average. You guys definitely bring premium CPMs and make our overall header auction extremely competitive, which we love.”

- AJ Okereke, Header of Revenue Technology, Graphiq

What publishers are saying

"Meridian is so user friendly. The real-time, concise metrics make it easy to navigate through my entire dashboard and keep track of my earnings. It is so organized and neat. Many other platforms I've used have been over complicated and difficult to navigate. Sovrn has been very supportive, knowledgeable and friendly."

- Sally McKenney, SallysBakingAddiction.com

What publishers are saying

“We’re really pleased with our decision to work with Sovrn. They helped us realize the benefits of header bidding while minimizing the work involved on our end. Sovrn has always been publisher-centric, and they demonstrated that again in the way that they worked with us.”

- Danny Khatib, Founder & COO, Livingly.com

What publishers are saying

“All of my interactions with Sovrn have been very helpful and positive. Our Account Manager is very prompt in his responses and he answers questions with the exact information I need. For me, I know when I contact him he’ll answer any questions or complications I have. I’m very happy with what Sovrn has done thus far with StarCityGames.com.”

- Cedric Phillips, Media Manager for StarCityGames.com

What publishers are saying

“What seems obvious in the business world is not easily found these days, as Sovrn provides… quality ad choices customized to the publisher’s content, the fastest payouts of any of my partners, and sincere customer service, literally, the kind where you can talk to a person!"

- Fae Naderi, Fae-Magazine.com
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