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Make Sure your Technology Partner Fits your Needs

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // December 3, 2021

7 signs it's time to change ad ops providers

Outsourcing ad operations (“ad ops”) can make your life a little easier – but only if you’re working with the right partner. Maybe you’ve been using the same vendor for years, or perhaps you’ve switched a few times to try and find the right fit. Regardless, it’s just good business to evaluate your ad ops provider periodically. 

Can you identify with any of these statements? If so, it might be time to find a new partner.

  1. My ad performance is unreliable or inconsistent. 
  2. I’m not earning enough revenue from advertising. 
  3. I outsourced my ad ops, but I still spend too much time dealing with it.
  4. My ad ops provider doesn’t have the answers I need. 
  5. I don’t get enough actionable insights from my provider. 
  6. My provider’s technology isn’t keeping pace with the industry.
  7. My provider’s service model isn’t a fit for me anymore.

Sovrn Ad Management provides unmatched technology and an expert, dedicated team to help you earn more and keep more. We understand publishers and we’re dedicated to helping them grow their business in an ever-changing world.

How Sovrn Ad Management can help you optimize your ad ops strategy and maximize your revenue:

  • Low fees: Volume-based pricing offers a more equitable model for publishers. Generate more revenue with Sovrn and keep more of what you earn!
  • Industry expertise: Our dedicated team takes the headache out of ad ops with technical support, best practices, and tools to ensure the best ad performance.
  • Efficient bidding: Our wrapper makes more efficient use of bid requests and responses, with a unified auction that incorporates display, video, and native formats to maximize yield. 
  • Access to demand partners: Leverage top local and global demand partners across various ad formats (display, native, video and high impact) and channels (header bidding, open bidding and server side bidding)
  • Granular reporting: Rich dashboards and real-time reporting provide deep insights into ad performance, so you don’t have to guess what’s working and what’s not.

With Sovrn Ad Management, you can stop worrying about revenue operations and get back to what you do best: creating great content and growing your audience. Contact us at to learn more about how we can work together.

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