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Q&A with Andy Evans, CMO: Ad Fraud Goes Beyond ads.txt, Whitelists & Ad Blocking

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // January 15, 2018

In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Andy Evans, CMO, Sovrn, suggests measures to be taken against ad fraud which go beyond mere ads.txt implementation, and among other things discusses the impact of publisher whitelists on mid- to long-tail publishers.

ExchangeWire: Why should brands consider advertising with publishers that aren’t in the comScore 500?

Andy Evans: Brands understandably default to the vast reach and established reputation of big-name publishers; but in doing so they miss valuable opportunities in the mid and long tail of the digital advertising landscape. The internet is home to a multitude of independent, niche publishers and bloggers, whose original, specialist content attracts loyal, engaged audiences who are highly receptive to relevant advertising.

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