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Boons Media Boosts Ad Performance with Sovrn

Sovrn Communications // October 6, 2022

Boons Media finds a key strategic partnership with Sovrn


Advertising is a critical component of the monetization strategy at Boons Media. But as a mobile-first publisher, they also pride themselves on delivering an enjoyable user experience that’s easy to navigate — and ads must integrate seamlessly into that experience. 

In order to connect with premium brands that align with their audience, Boons Media works with dozens of ad tech providers for both client-side and server-side bidding. As they expand their reach into new geographies and new content areas, Boons Media is constantly looking for reliable ad tech partners to help drive incremental revenue on their sites. 

The Opportunity

Boons Media was looking to move more of its ad program to server-side bidding (like Google Open Bidding and Amazon TAM) and were intrigued by Sovrn’s strong performance compared to other providers and that the company worked with leading DSPs. The company also learned that the Sovrn Ad Exchange was expanding its demand partnerships in geographies of interest.

Boons Media and Sovrn began their relationship by launching a dual integration of both Prebid and TAM in the Sovrn Ad Exchange. The setup and integration were completed quickly, with very little friction. The team at Boons Media appreciated the clear communication and simple process for getting both the contractual and technical details of the engagement squared away.

“The integration with Sovrn was one of the smoothest we’ve had. They set clear expectations for what was needed, and their support team was exemplary with help on technical aspects and debugging.”

— Asher Glinsman, Head of Monetization at Boons Media

The Results

The Sovrn Ad Exchange delivered solid performance out of the gate, and quickly improved as volume ramped up. Boons Media typically works with 15+ providers for client-side bidding (TAM and Google Open Bidding), and Sovrn is consistently among the top five in key regions. Sovrn is also one of Boons Media’s top-tier providers for server-side bidding (Prebid). 

Top Revenue by Domain

“Sovrn was willing and open to listen to our needs as a publisher, and they are now connected to our entire programmatic inventory. They frequently rank among our top 5 revenue partners in strategic geos like France, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and the US.”

“As a publisher, it’s nice to know that our partners are looking for opportunities to help us increase revenue. Speaking to other ad tech providers, I haven’t heard of anything else like this.”

— Asher Glinsman, Head of Monetization at Boons Media

Top Geos by Revenue

Boons Media has recently seen a revenue surge from Google Open Bidding, due to a new innovation from Sovrn that uses machine learning to constantly improve matching of bid requests. This allows publishers to earn more on traffic that would typically go unmatched. From Q1 to Q2 2022, Boons Media increased its supply on Open Bidding by just 6%, but  revenue increased by 12%

While the team at Boons Media initially chose to work with Sovrn based on the strength of its server-side header bidding technology, the relationship has evolved far beyond a simple point solution. In addition to consistent, solid ad performance, the company has e come to rely on the Sovrn account team for strategic guidance and industry insights.  

“What strikes me with Sovrn is they’re so knowledgeable. They’re willing to teach us not only about Sovrn products, but also about the ad tech space. They know the industry; they know the trends and what to expect. It’s nice to have more than just a typical client-provider relationship — they’re a source of knowledge we can rely on.”

— Asher Glinsman, Head of Monetization at Boons Media

The Future

Boons Media sees growth ahead through its partnership with Sovrn. The team is excited by the ongoing revenue opportunities across multiple geographies, being connected to top buyers such as IBM and Disney, and exploring diversifying their revenue stream with affiliate marketing ideas. 

Boons Media is also very interested in testing solutions to prepare the business for a cookieless world using Signal. One of the main draws to continue working with Sovrn is the wide range of solutions available to help Boons Media operate and grow their business.

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