After just one week, Signal created a 26% increase in programmatic advertising revenue for Ancient History Encyclopedia.

Ancient History Encyclopedia is the world’s most-read history encyclopedia

In November 2016, Jan Van Der Crabben, CEO of Ancient History Encyclopedia, partnered with Sovrn and began using Signal.

“It was frustrating that we got the same revenue per page view for a reader who was engaged with a page for 10 seconds and a reader that was engaged with a page for 2 minutes,” explains Van Der Crabben. “I knew we could do better.”

Jan and his team decided to move forward with Signal, which measures user engagement and then generates new viewable ad impressions in existing ad zones. “I was amazed at how fast and easy Sovrn Signal ads were to implement.”

“We’ve been impressed with how committed Sovrn are to maximizing revenue for publishers, regularly reviewing our setup for possible improvements. We were amazed with how quick and meaningful the revenue impact is. It’s empowering to be able to monetize our more engaged readers for every page view!”

—Jan Van Der Crabben // CEO of Ancient History Encyclopedia

About Signal

  • 100% Additive: more ad opportunities per page view, resulting in 15-25% incremental revenue.
  • Simple to implement: customizable cut and paste solution
  • Immediate demand at high CPMs creates viewable inventory
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