Seattle Times has continued to benefit from Signal, resulting in a steady increase in overall revenue.

Seattle Times is a news media company serving the Northwest US region with thoughtful, independent journalism that is dedicated to the highest standards. In December 2017, Seattle Times launched Signal across their website in order to increase revenue while upholding strong user experience standards.

“Reload powered by Signal has provided us a way to gain incremental high-value, viewable impressions in a way that is not disruptive to our readers,” states Rob Schwertley, Digital Yield Manager. “This has translated to over $30,000 in additional revenue! The support we received when launching this was fantastic.”

Jan and his team decided to move forward with Signal, which measures user engagement and then generates new viewable ad impressions in existing ad zones. “I was amazed at how fast and easy Sovrn Signal ads were to implement.”

  • Website: Seattle Times
  • Monthly Pageviews: 29 Million
  • Monthly Ad Impressions: 70 million

“Sovrn has been wonderful to work with. We have great account support and their team is always bringing us ideas on how to generate more revenue. They are a true partner.”

—Rob Schwertley // Digital Yield Manager

About Signal

  • 100% Additive: more ad opportunities per page view, resulting in 15-25% incremental revenue.
  • Simple to implement: customizable cut and paste solution
  • Immediate demand at high CPMs creates viewable inventory
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