Secrets of Second-Party Data and How to Activate it at Scale

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // February 8, 2022

Driving real results in a post-cookie future

With the end of third-party cookies in 2023, 85% of all web traffic will be unauthenticated. Some of the world’s largest publishers may take this change in stride, as they have enough first-party data to segment audiences in meaningful ways. But the vast majority of publishers will lose a critical data source for demonstrating the value of their ad inventory, while ad buyers will struggle to evaluate audience segments for pricing and bidding. All the while, the walled gardens are moving swiftly to vacuum up ad dollars by relying on their strengths in addressability and attribution. 

So, for better or worse, the publisher now has a bigger lift to communicate the quality of their unauthenticated traffic to the buyer. And, while there is much talk today about who can collect first-party data in the most privacy compliant way, there is minimal insight on how that data is activated. 

Watch the free webinar on demand and explore how publishers can reap greater inventory value — at scale — by partnering with providers who can help build practical, scalable, and actionable solutions that safely and transparently fill in the blanks. 

You’ll learn how to optimize for value across the entire lifecycle of cultivating, packaging and activating first-party audiences to:

  • Gain deeper insights into first-party data
  • Use data enrichment to fill in second-party data gaps
  • Catalog profiles into segments and cohorts

By increasing the proportion of authenticated site traffic, data enrichment addresses these concerns and offers significant benefits for publishers and advertisers alike.

For publishers, data enrichment enhances the value of ad inventory and drives higher bids. For advertisers, data enrichment provides more reliable audience segments based on verifiable data. It also allows for better audience targeting, leading to improved campaign performance and increased return on ad spend. 

We’ll discuss how early testing of this approach has netted impressive results, including:

  • Hashed emails can be appended to 20% of a publishers’ total web traffic 
  • Increase in CPM up to 94% when HEM is used to enrich a universal Identifier

Ready to dive in?

We’ll also explore what signals the buyer wants to see from the supply side and the best way to broker trust between publishers and buyers through standardized bid enrichment. And how to solve this challenge through sophisticated methods that champion consumer privacy.

PS. You can prep for the webinar by downloading our free ebook, “Three Ways Publishers Can Profit from Data Enrichment.”

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