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Destined to Be an Entrepreneur

sovrnmarketing // April 3, 2014

As a trailblazer, John Battelle’s insights into emerging trends are highly sought after and considered the gold standard by many in the industry. As an entrepreneur, he is best known as the co-founder of Wired, and launched the Industry Standard, Federated Media Publishing and, most recently, Sovrn. Sovrn is an advocate and partner to 20,000 publishers and represents more than a million sites, which use their platform to grow their audience, engage their readers as well as monetize. In addition to founding several media properties, Battelle co-founded and co-hosted the annual Web 2.0 Summit and his highly anticipated book, What We Hath Wrought, aims to forecast the interconnected world in 2040. A true Rainemaker indeed.

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