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DMEXCO 2017 Roundup for Marketers: “The Art of Narrative Disruption”

sovrnmarketing // October 4, 2017


Andy Evans, CMO, Sovrn, said the single most important discussion of dmexco 2017 was around the idea that the digital ecosystem is in the middle of a revolution, “The general consensus was that if we don’t fix problems such as transparency, ad fraud, ad blocking and fake news, scepticism around the efficiency of digital advertising will increase, and then dmexco may be no more in years to come. The advertising supply chain needs to improve quickly and think about new approaches. During a presentation to close dmexco, Terence Kawaja of LUMA Partners rightly questioned the obsession with existing measurements saying: Why are we talking about views in 2017? – Shouldn’t we be migrating along a performance curve to get away from these long-distance proxies? Shouldn’t we move to a time or engagement metric?” I believe that the next step forward is to truly understand the value of user engagement and start thinking about ways to deliver this, and when we do the ecosystem will be in a much better shape.”

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