Earn More with New Commerce Referral Bonuses

Sovrn Commerce Team // September 5, 2023

Online publishers, creators, and social media influencers are a tight-knit group. If affiliate marketing is part of your monetization strategy, the chances are good you have an extensive network of fellow affiliate marketers. At Sovrn, we want to help you strengthen those relationships — and earn more revenue in the process.

Introducing our new-and-improved referral program

If you’re an active Sovrn Commerce publisher, you’ll notice a new “Referral program” tab in your account menu the next time you log in. Click on that tab, and you’ll see your personal Commerce referral link:

Just copy and share your unique link with anyone you’d like to refer to Sovrn. If they sign up with Sovrn Commerce (and get approved), you’ll receive a generous bonus based on your referral’s earnings.

When they earn, you earn

The Commerce referral program provides an easy way to earn incremental income, with very little effort. And our referral bonus is extremely competitive in the affiliate space. You’ll earn a full 15% of our earnings for the first six months of the new partnership — unlike comparable programs offering just 5% for 90 days.

Here’s how it works:

  • You are a current Sovrn Commerce user.
  • You refer a friend under the new Commerce referral program.
  • Your friend signs up with Sovrn and earns $10,000 gross affiliate revenue in their first six months.
  • Your friend’s net affiliate revenue is $7,500; Sovrn earns $2,500.*
  • You receive a total referral bonus of $375 (15% of $2,500).

* Revenue share percentage is for demonstration purposes only; Sovrn earnings will vary.

Once you share your personal referral link, your work is done — everything else happens automatically. When your referral signs up, we start tracking your referral bonus. Bonus revenue is recorded as it’s earned and paid out with your regular affiliate income. 

Keep in mind, the referred publisher must keep their account active for at least 90 days after activation. If the account is terminated in less than 90 days, no referral bonus will be paid. Please review our Terms & Conditions page for details and other important information. 

There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

You can use your personal referral link as many times as you want, and you’ll get bonuses for every referral who signs up and earns with Sovrn. So get creative and share that link with your community:

  • Add it to YouTube video descriptions
  • Post it on TikTok, Instagram, X/Twitter, Threads, and other social platforms
  • Share it in group chats on Discord
  • Include it on your website to help others earn like you

Get started referring today!

If you’re a current Sovrn Commerce customer, sign into your account and visit to get a custom link you can share with your network. Or log into the Sovrn platform, click on the Account icon in the bottom left corner, and choose “Referral program” to get started.

Not a Commerce customer yet?

Our new referral program makes it easy to earn more revenue with Sovrn — and it’s just one of the many ways we help publishers, creators, and social media influencers maximize their affiliate revenue. If you’re not already earning with Sovrn Commerce, sign up now! Once you’re approved, you can start earning right away.

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