Eight Years and Counting: Sovrn Recertified by TAG

Sovrn Advertising Team // March 9, 2023

CEO Walter Knapp honored for career achievement

At Sovrn, we believe honesty, safety, and transparency are the pillars of a healthy advertising ecosystem. We’re dedicated to providing one of the cleanest ad exchanges in the industry — and promoting fair market principles that benefit brands and publishers alike. That’s why we’re proud to be seen as leaders in today’s most important anti-fraud, pro-transparency initiatives. 

For the eighth consecutive year, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) has awarded Sovrn the “Certified Against Fraud” seal — a designation that requires adherence to strict anti-fraud guidelines and a demonstrated commitment to reducing fraudulent traffic in the digital advertising supply chain. Sovrn is currently one of just 23 TAG Platinum Member companies, recognized for their comprehensive approach to ad safety and multi-discipline TAG certification across three key areas: fraud, malware, and brand safety. 

According to TAG CEO Mike Zaneis, “Not only is platinum the heaviest of the precious metals, it is also impervious to corrosion, so we felt that TAG Platinum was an appropriate designation for those companies that have taken all of the steps necessary to ensure that their digital advertising operations are impervious to the corroding effects of fraud, malware, piracy, and lack of transparency.”

In addition, this year TAG recognized Sovrn CEO Walter Knapp as one of just two  inaugural TAG Career Champions for his long history of giving his time, energy, thought leadership, and action to support trust and transparency across the industry. Under Knapp’s stewardship, Sovrn was one of the first companies to earn both the TAG Certified Against Fraud seal and TAG Platinum Status. 

“The industry only moves forward under consistent leadership,” says Zaneis. “We felt it was time to recognize a few of those individuals who have consistently helped to increase trust and transparency across the ecosystem. Walter was one of the first people publicly calling for the industry to take on the multi-billion dollar ad fraud problem.” 

These achievements reinforce our firm belief that the programmatic industry can only survive if we work together to ensure trust, safety, and transparency. We are honored by the individual and collective recognition, and we will continue to uphold the high standards to push the ad ecosystem forward.  

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