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Google Announces Rollout of Exchange Bidding

sovrnmarketing // April 4, 2018


Google’s has today (April 4) announced the global rollout of Exchange Bidding to all of its DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) customers, including a raft of new features, as the online media giant aims to see off the challenge that header bidding poses to its dominance of the ad serving market.

Exchange Bidding offers publishers more options to monetize their display ad inventory by allowing multiple exchanges to compete equally in a unified auction – similar to header bidding – with the latest updates to the Google offering including a provision that offers customers a more holistic view of each adtech partner’s performance.

Additionally, Google has announced a host of new adtech partners available to publishers looking to use Exchange Bidding (see chart below) with the latest additions to the list of exchanges including Triplelift Aerserv, Smaato and Sovrn.


Read the whole article here: Google announces full rollout of Exchange Bidding to counter header bidding rise

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