Winning in 2024 Will Be Tough. Here are 4 Tips to Get Out in Front.

Sovrn Advertising Team // February 21, 2024

With lower inflation and recovering ad rates, late 2023 brought some relief from the difficult economic conditions that have plagued the online media industry for years. Yet the challenges continue to mount, both internally and externally. Budget cuts and widespread layoffs persist, decimating editorial teams, while paradigm-shifting developments like cookie deprecation and artificial intelligence are truly starting to take shape.

Amid challenging conditions like these, it can be difficult to optimize your monetization strategy and drive consistent business results. But the right data and insights can help you make smart, proactive decisions and position your business for future success — regardless of what lies ahead.

Our H2 2023 Data Insights Report, explores the trends that are influencing publisher performance and provides actionable insights to boost your potential in the coming months. 

Here’s a preview:

  • Run a lean, efficient business. Today’s most successful digital media CEOs are laser-focused on operational efficiency. Find out how our recommendations can help you do the same.
  • Focus on audience development. It has become increasingly difficult to attract and retain an engaged audience, due to changing search algorithms, increased competition, eroding consumer trust, and more. Our advice can help you build loyal, profitable audience relationships.
  • Future proof against a changing ecosystem. The online media industry has suffered through some of its worst years in recent memory, and it’s clear that significant challenges still lie ahead. Yet there is reason for optimism, if you’re willing to embrace a new reality and take steps to evolve. 
  • Put AI to work for you. New developments in artificial intelligence pose a serious threat to online publishers, but AI also presents some unique opportunities. Get our recommendations to make the most of this game-changing technology.

Publishers need all the help they can get to succeed in today’s difficult market environment. With the right data and insights — and a strong partner like Sovrn — you’ll be better prepared to navigate the uncertainty ahead and make smart, strategic decisions at every turn. 

Download the report to get started.

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