ICYMI: Unlocking the New World of Identity (Webinar)

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // February 24, 2022

There is much talk today about needing to collect first-party data in the most privacy compliant way but minimal insight on how that data is activated. And while many publishers and the open web at large is struggling to come up with interoperable solutions, the walled gardens aren’t, moving swiftly to vacuum up ad dollars by relying on their strengths in addressability and attribution.

Yesterday, Sovrn hosted a webinar to discuss solutions to the data identity challenge – from both sides, supply and demand – through sophisticated methods that champion consumer privacy and yet offer a critical pathway to scale.

Key insights that emerged from the conversation included:

  • Although third-party cookies going away is a challenge, it is fundamentally a good thing
  • What’s missing, from both the sell-side and the buy-side, is a clear, transactable signal
  • That publishers have a powerful opportunity offering new avenues for greater control
  • There’s no silver bullet, but collaboration and communication are critical for both sides of the marketplace to work together

Publishers and buyers are like a “nuclear submarine with two keys,” one panelist commented. Curious why? Watch the webinar and find out how filling the void left by the demise of third-party cookies can empower publishers and level the playing field.

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