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INAP and Sovrn Announce Cloud Hosting Relationship to Silicon Valley

sovrnmarketing // November 13, 2017

In August, Sovrn chose INAP, among other large competitors, based upon the Company’s ability to support Sovrn’s continued growth through a cloud agreement at INAP’s New York/New Jersey Metro Data Center. Three months later, Sovrn and INAP are expanding that partnership. This agreement expands this work to the west coast at INAP’s Silicon Valley Data Center in Santa Clara, providing a key proximity to Sovrn’s partners/publishers.

INAP will continue to deliver Cloud Services with automated APIs for faster provisioning of computer resources and workloads, delivering data with lower latency and error rates to publishers, all at a competitive price. INAP’s ownership of Tier 3-like data centers, like Santa Clara, was a critical factor for Sovrn as they expanded within a highly competitive environment.

We’re very pleased to grow our cloud hosting relationship with Sovrn following our summer announcement on this initial partnership,” said Peter Bell, SVP INAP Sales. “INAP will support the rapid growth of their platform worldwide with the reliability and elasticity they need.”

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