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London Brand Safety Summit 2018: it still matters

sovrnmarketing // March 20, 2018


Brand safety is one of the most critical issues facing publishers and advertisers in today’s complex digital ecosystem. To tackle the topic head on, some of the world’s most senior publishing and advertising execs met in London last week for the 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit.

The issue of brand safety is not new. But it raised to prominence last year when P&G’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard cut more than $100 million in ads because he couldn’t be sure they weren’t running alongside objectionable content. He also railed against, “substantial waste in what has become a murky, non-transparent, even fraudulent media-supply chain”, telling Cologne’s Dmexco in September, “the reality is that in 2017, the bloom came off the rose for digital media.”

Against this backdrop the London Brand Safety Summit aimed ‘to specifically address the challenges that media and marketing executives face as they create brand safe experiences’.


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