Mobile Video Viewing Builds Force in 2016

sovrnmarketing // February 8, 2016

Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video views are predicted to skyrocket this year. In 2015, 20% of video views happened on mobile devices. Now in 2016, up to 50% of video views are estimated on mobile devices.

Why are advertisers so hot on video ads? The average click-through-rate (CTR) of video ads is 1.84 percent, the highest CTR of all digital ad formats. Viewability is also high. People who watch video on their smartphone typically give it their full attention.

Mobile video ads are in high-growth mode now because we have better technology to improve the mobile video viewers experience. High-speed 4G mobile networks that reduce latency make mobile video easy to watch without the video freezing over and over.

Getting in on mobile video ads can open up a new revenue channel for publishers – one that is sure to grow.

When starting to test mobile video ads here’s a couple things to remember. Stick with high quality videos. You’ll need a video player to serve the videos, but you’ll obtain much higher CPMs. Set up video tags with high demand. These include sizes larger than 300×250, ideally medium sizes (480x360px – 639x479px) and large player sizes (640x480px+) video are the most desirable. Small player video can go for anywhere from $2.50-$5+, and large player usually goes for anywhere from $4-$12+ depending on the quality of the site, the content, the player size, and the request type (HTML5 vs. flash). Lastly, above the fold video players get higher CPMs from demand partners than below the fold players do.

Let your Publisher Advocate know about your large player content so we can align you to our premium video chain partners.


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