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Why Net Neutrality Matters

sovrnmarketing // November 23, 2017


Net neutrality is the single most important attribute of the internet and is vital to maintaining free speech. It enables a level playing field where small start-up websites can compete on an equal footing with larger platforms and everyone can get their message heard. Net neutrality allows smaller, independent publishers who are experts in their field and passionate about their subject area to create high-quality niche content that can be accessed equally by all.

There are tens of thousands of niche publishers and content creators out there doing just that. Take a look at Blavity, for instance, a user-generated editorial content site that encourages black millennials to own their story and share their perspective, and is accessed by over 7 million visitors each month. Or CafeMom, a website that drives an ongoing conversation around parenthood and allows parents as well as parenting experts to seek and share tips and advice.


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