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New York’s Fight to Rescue Net Neutrality

sovrnmarketing // May 18, 2018


The Senate voted to save net neutrality this week following its repeal by the Federal Communications Commission. But the battle to retain a free and open internet is far from over, and New York is leading the fight.

The vote is “crucial for the success of New York’s startups and small businesses,” according to Julie Samuels, executive director of Tech: NYC, which represents 600 New York tech companies and is vowing to keep the pressure on as the effort moves to the House.

Why does this matter? The principle of net neutrality is fundamental to the internet as we know it: an open platform that allows innovation, enterprise and an unrestricted exchange of ideas. With net neutrality, anybody can conceive, create and publish content to be consumed equally by all. Net neutrality maintains a level playing field where the best ideas compete for our attention without giving the advantage to those simply with the means and willingness to control what we see.

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