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Kickstart 2023 with Our Q1 Shopping Calendar

Sovrn Commerce Team // January 11, 2023

Whether you’re a content publisher, social influencer, or affiliate marketer, it’s important that you’re up to date on yearly shopping habits. Key seasonal trends and shopping holidays offer an opportunity for you to showcase related content and be on the lookout for merchant deals and top-performing categories that you can promote to your audience. 

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👉 Pro tip: Stay true to your brand and be sure and review your best-performing merchants and products from the previous year. 

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Top Holidays and Shopping Events in Q1

To help you keep up with the many potential earning opportunities this quarter we’ve compiled this overview of upcoming events and holidays. While the period following the new year is traditionally slower than the rest of the year, Q1 still presents great earning opportunities. 

Chinese Lunar New Year, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day are top opportunities to create theme-focused deals, while the Grammys, Golden Globes, and Oscars are perfect for sharing “service-driven” content and streaming services. January also marks the beginning of tax season, and service-oriented tax content performs well from January
through April.


Capitalize on new year’s resolutions by sharing fitness, healthy eating, and lifestyle content. Many customers may also be ready to spend with gift cards from the holidays, so post “use your gift card” promotions.

  • 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • 22 Lunar Chinese New Year
  • 23 National Pie Day


It may be the shortest month of the year, but February is packed with events, holidays, and opportunities to earn.

  • 10-15  New York Fashion Week
  • 12  Super Bowl LVI
  • 13 Galentine’s Day
  • 14  Valentine’s Day
  • 21  President’s Day


As spring approaches, look for opportunities to share home improvement-related content and merchants. Many people will be taking vacations to warmer destinations so get ready for spring break deals to hit from March until mid-April. 😎

  • International Women’s Day
  • 14  Pi Day
  • 17  St. Patrick’s Day
  • 19  Mother’s Day (UK)
  • 26  Nike Air Max Day
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