Q3 2022 Industry Brief: Digital Advertising Insights

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // October 19, 2022

Looking back at the advertising demand trends this past quarter, it is clear to see the impact that global economic uncertainty has had on the demand for digital advertising. Year-over-year programmatic ad rates are down globally across the board, and earnings-per-click (EPC) from affiliate marketing channels were also down this quarter compared to prior years.

For programmatic ad spend, different geographic regions were more heavily impacted than others. In particular, CPMs in the US were down by 15-20% while the decrease in UK CPMs was more pronounced, at just one-third of year-over-year revenues.

Of note was the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, resulting in many brands pausing advertising in the UK during the period of mourning. This caused CPMs in the UK to drop to lows not seen since the initial weeks of the Covid 19 outbreak in March 2020.

While year-over-year ad rates softened, we generally saw the standard inter-quarter trend of advertisers distributing more of their ad spend towards the latter end of the quarter as budgets were approved, leading to higher demand and price spikes due
to increased competition for coveted ad slots.

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