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Rethinking Monetization in The Ad Blocking Era, by Jack Downey, Vice President of Sovrn Labs

sovrnmarketing // January 16, 2018


If you were to ask what is behind the growth of ad blocking, the most commonly held view blames publishers for bombarding users with digital advertising, but this notion is too simplistic.

In reality, the vast majority of ad blockers are installed in response to a particular subset of low quality or illegal websites that are crammed with ads. Younger users, for instance, are likely to install ad blockers so they can access video websites that illegally stream films and TV shows, without being inundated with annoying and intrusive advertising. Because these ad blockers run across all sites, they have a negative impact on the ability of higher quality publishers in the market to generate advertising revenue – effectively crushing that part of the industry.

While the majority of higher quality publishers aren’t the ones driving ad blocking, they may still need to rethink their monetization strategies in response to increasingly challenging market conditions. Here are three things publishers could look at in their approach to monetization:


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