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Sovrn Launches Publisher Steering Committee

Sovrn Press // June 6, 2023

Collaborative effort aims to optimize ad ops yield at scale

June 6, 2023 – Boulder, CO – Sovrn, a publisher technology platform that helps content creators remain independent and thrive on the open web, today announced the launch of a new steering committee to collaboratively tackle the challenges publishers face in efficiently optimizing programmatic ad operations and yield at scale.

Composed of leading publishers such as Ziff Davis, LoveToKnow Media, and Publishers Clearing House, among others, the committee’s mission is to provide a roadmap and guidance to prioritize development of new tools, processes and technologies that deliver the products they need from their ad tech partners to maximize ad operations efficiency. 

“I am excited to be part of Sovrn’s steering committee,” said Mark Obermoller, Senior Director of Programmatic Strategy for Ziff Davis. “Not only can Ziff Davis help influence the development of key products that better align with our strategic objectives, but we can also help positively impact the broader industry.”

The digital media advertising industry is at a significant crossroads. With rapid technology advancements, shifts in consumer behavior and tighter data privacy regulations, the landscape publishers and advertisers must navigate is transforming at an unprecedented pace. To remain nimble and ensure profitability for the long haul, publishers need simple yet robust tools that drive the greatest value from their content and audience engagement. 

Over the next 12 months, the steering committee will focus on unlocking seemingly intractable issues such as addressability, first-party data deployment, marketplace development, yield management and robust data insights. The group will work with the Sovrn Ad Management team to explore and extract the functionality delivered with the Ad Management platform, including its efficient management of programmatic ad operations and yield across hundreds of websites, in order to innovate new solutions for publishers who require control over their owned and operated media properties.

“At Sovrn, we believe that the challenges confronting publishers can be better addressed through collaboration and shared insights,” said Peter Cunha, Managing Director of Sovrn Ad Management. “Our intention with this steering committee is to create a platform for shaping the future of our ad operations software, and more importantly, to engage our customers and partners in ways that foster an environment of collaboration that benefits the industry as a whole.”

About Sovrn

Sovrn provides products and services to thousands of online publishers to help them understand, operate and grow their business. Sovrn is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in New York, San Diego, and London.

With thousands of customers deploying advertising, affiliate marketing, and data products across more than 80,000 websites, Sovrn reaches 500 million active consumers across more than 40 billion pageviews every day. Sovrn has been a leader in online publisher technology since its founding, and has been recognized by IAB, JICWEBS and TAG for its role in combating fraud and promoting pro-transparency initiatives. Sovrn is dedicated to helping content creators do more of what they love, and less of what they don’t.  

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