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Sovrn Ranks as Fourth Largest Global Publisher Network

sovrnmarketing // November 11, 2014

Sovrn Has a Global Reach of over 423M People Every Month

BOULDER, Colo.– November 11, 2014–Sovrn Holdings, Inc., advocate of and partner to almost 20,000 publishers across the independent web, is announcing that the company is now ranked, by Quantcast, as the world’s fourth largest publisher network. Every month, Sovrn reaches a global audience of over 423 million people with more than 700 million unique visitors. According to October data, Sovrn is now the third largest publisher network in the United States reaching over 201 million people every month in the US.

Quantcast Top 5 ad networks sovrn.comWith a global online population estimated at 2.8 billion [], Sovrn reaches approximately 15 percent of the world’s internet users and 63 percent of the total US population, estimated at 319 million people [].

“It’s amazing to think that every month, two out of ten people across the world’s online population, and three out of five people in the US see an ad placed by Sovrn on one of our publishers’ sites,” said Walter Knapp, CEO of Sovrn. “As we continue to work with more and more independent and influential publishers, we will start to see our reach expand even further.”

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