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Sovrn Releases Line of Programmatic Video Ad Units

sovrnmarketing // March 21, 2015

Sovrn Releases Line of Programmatic Video Ad Units

Publishers that leverage Sovrn’s new video ads will enjoy higher CPMs and give advertisers a fresh source of untapped video inventory across a tight market

March 31, 2015, BOULDER, Colo.- Sovrn Holdings, Inc., partner and advocate to over 20,000 independent publishers, is today launching its line of programmatic video advertising units. Leading the line-up is in-banner video unit which is now available for all Sovrn publishers to capture higher CPMs, and take more control over how video ads are played across their site and/or online properties.

Sovrn’s in-banner video unit enables publishers to offer stand-alone video ads without needing a dedicated video player. Ad durations range from 15 to 60 seconds. All in-banner video ads are auto-muted and can be set to show either a single looping advertisement, several different advertisements, or something in-between depending on the publisher’s settings. With the new in-banner video ad unit, publishers are able to capitalize on video advertisements without creating their own video content. The ad units also maximize a publisher’s ability to capture multiple ad impressions every minute making video a very attractive monetization offering.

”While more consumers are watching video online, video advertising has not reached its full potential. The high demand and limited supply of quality programmatic video has constrained advertisers ability to effectively reach and target audiences at scale through video,” said Maja Milicevic, VP of Demand Partnerships at Sovrn. “Today’s release of Sovrn’s programmatic video ad units represent a fresh source of untapped inventory across quality, independent sites.”

Sovrn is one of the world’s largest publisher networks reaching more than 584 million people globally every month (Quantcast, Feb 2015) across sought after sites such as DailyMotion, The Onion, Examiner, Gawker, and OK Magazine.

Publishers and media companies interested in adding Sovrn’s programmatic video ads to their media properties should contact Sovrn’s publisher service team or fill out this survey. Advertisers can access Sovrn’s video inventory through any major demand side platform or agency. Organizations looking to partner with Sovrn should contact the Sovrn demand services team at

About Sovrn
Sovrn believes independent publishers drive the Internet’s creativity and innovation. As a partner and advocate to over 20,000 independent publishers, Sovrn provides tools and services that help publishers better understand, grow, and engage their readers and enable them to monetize their sites through programmatic advertising. With one billion ad transactions everyday, Sovrn’s network of independent publishers provides advertisers with massive reach and the ability to engage with difficult-to-reach audiences on the sites they love. Sovrn is headquartered in Boulder, Colo. with offices in San Francisco and New York. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter @sovrnHoldings.

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