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Advertising Has A Problem, But Ads.txt Can’t Fix It Alone

sovrnmarketing // February 6, 2018

There’s a shiny new weapon in the fight against digital ad fraud, and everybody’s talking about it.

Although the ads.txt initiative sounds innocuous and might not seem like a particularly dramatic defence against the ad fraud problem the digital advertising industry is facing, it represents a major step forward for the market and is being adopted more quickly than anything we’ve seen before.

Ads.txt enables publishers to place a file on their server and declare which companies are authorised to sell their digital inventory, thus preventing fraudsters profiting from practices such as domain spoofing or counterfeit inventory. The initiative allows publishers increased control over their inventory and gives buyers more confidence that they are buying authentic impressions.

But while the industry is quite rightly flying the flag for ads.txt, it’s important to remember this initiative on its own will not solve all the highly complex and ever-evolving challenges of the digital ecosystem.

by Andy Evans, CMO of Sovrn

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